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Mac Developer

  • Brno, Czechia

Job description

Safetica is a global software company with almost 100 technology/data security experts developing software that protects companies from all over the world against data loss, misuse, and internal threats. We are present in 120 markets and partner with ESET, Fortinet and Microsoft, were featured in Gartner and Infotech.

We also have fun together. Hiking, ferrata, visiting conferences about cybersecurity, playing bowling or discussing what is better, whether wine or beer. All these activities help us grow together. Does it sound like a group of people you would like to work with? If yes, keep reading.

Currently, we're looking for experienced developer who would strengthen our Classification team and help us achieve feature parity of our Mac cybersecurity product with its Windows counterpart. This role will be instrumental for the growth of Safetica to the US, helping protect companies overseas from sensitive data leaks.

We are looking for a person up to the challenge working with our unique tech stack which aims to be as multiplatform and as easy to maintain as possible. This is why knowledge of modern C++ is important for us. We are one of the few companies that are willing to try cutting edge language features in order to write safer and simpler code.

Job requirements

  • Experience with C++ (you know at least C++11, ideally you know "modern C++").
  • Experience with CMake.
  • Experience in development for MacOS.
  • Familiarity with Mac-specific processes and concepts, such as MDM profiles and notarization.
  • Knowledge of Swift, Objective-C and C#.
  • Experience in developing multithreaded applications.
  • Good software engineering hygiene, including the application of Clean architecture.
  • Work/life balance - we have a shorter workweek (37.5 hours/week), option to work in a hybrid mode, 5 weeks of vacation, 5 sick/volunteering days and flexible working hours.
  • Grow both your hard and soft skills - our senior engineers are great source of knowledge on latest C++ standards, software architecture and much more. We give everybody the opportunity to give talks on our Brno meetups or at outside events. Don't like talking? We can even support your inner writer self! Our Brand Ambassador program has everybody covered.
  • Honest work environment - we give our employees space to talk directly to our management and ask them tough questions. Our roadmap is transparent. Your feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.
  • Friendly company culture - yeah, claiming that we are one big family is a cliché, but we like to experience stuff together, be it football, bike rides, board games, or a simple beer at the pub while eagerly discussing local politics. Our HR loves planning events such as company-wide grill parties or humbler occasions like Easter green beer gathering.
  • Other benefits you would expect from such company - free snacks, drinks, vegetables, relax zone with workout equipment and videogames, a small library, back massages or employee referral program.

If you are passionate about cybersecurity, or enjoy macOS development, we invite you to apply! Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we will get back to you shortly to schedule a short call to get to know each other. Or you can also connect with us at