QA Engineer for a modern cybersecurity product

Job description

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong email address? And imagine that this email contained a list of all your company clients. This is why every company needs Safetica – a solution to protect the company against human error, malicious intent, and internal threats. And you can be a part of this extraordinary quest for a safer world.

Safetica is a Czech software company with almost 100 technology/data security experts developing software that protects companies from all over the world against data loss, misuse, and internal threats. We are present on 120 markets and partner with ESET, Fortinet, and Microsoft which were featured in Gartner and Infotech.

We also have fun together. Hiking, Ferrata, visiting conferences about cybersecurity, playing bowling, or discussing what is better, whether wine or beer. All these activities help us grow together.

Does it sound like a group of people you would like to work with? If yes, keep reading.

QA Engineer for a modern cybersecurity product

Join our brand new CASB (cloud security) team and build a QA foundation for a new cyber security product from scratch with us. Or join our flagship team working on endpoint DLP on Windows and partake in the whole process from plan to release and enhance your C# and DevOps skills.

Let’s protect the world of data together! We are searching for an experienced QA Engineer with a passion for cloud technologies and a new colleague who would like to join our experienced Windows QA team and would be happy to help us protect companies from data breaches. “We would like to find new colleagues, who will be interested not only in QA but also in software development and would like to grow with us,” say Tech Lead of cloud security team Adam Smejkal and Senior QA Lead Filip Tomšík.

Read more about QA at Safetica.


Cloud security:

  • We are creating a new cloud product on the Azure platform.
  • We work with Azure DevOps and Git, using Continuous Integration and Delivery.
  • We use C# and .NET 6. Automated tests are written with xUnit.
  • Our product is built on Azure services such as Azure Functions, Service Bus, VM scale sets, and Kubernetes in the future.
  • Architecture is based on microservices.

Windows endpoint DLP:

  • Our product is mainly built in C++ and C#, but there are also very interesting technologies for injecting applications, network inspection, classification according to data content, we have kernel modules, user application (WPF), and more.
  • We develop mainly on platforms from Microsoft, we use DevOps and Git, we run Continuous Integration and we build Continuous Delivery.
  • For automation, we use C# and .NET. Automated tests are written with NUnit.
  • Automation is running on the Azure platform.


  • You will be involved in deciding the next direction of the product, UX, and new features.
  • Invent new solutions and innovate. You can bring in new technologies.
  • We like to experiment and learn from each other.
  • You will cooperate with other teams on developing our new solution.
  • Partake in the release process, Continuous Integration, and Delivery.
  • Primarily write automated tests, there will be little manual testing.
  • You will learn to work with Azure, cloud technologies, and DevOps.

Job requirements


  • Knowledge of the main levels of SW testing and their realization. 
  • Advanced knowledge of C# so you can independently design and write automated tests. 


  • The balance between work, family, hobbies, or anything else: We have a shorter workweek (37.5 hours/week), 5 weeks of vacation, 5 sick days, and flexible working hours 
  • Working onsite or partially from home 
  • Opportunity to meet other colleagues not just during work but also at various sports and teambuilding events.
  • A transparent work environment with open communication where all teams work towards common objectives (OKRs) 
  • Employee referral program – get a newcomer to settle in Safetica and get a reward! 


  • Discover what our colleagues think about working at Safetica at Atmoskop.
  • Check also our We Grow Together page where we introduce our employees and what is life at Safetica like. 
  • Do you know how it all started? Read Safetica´s story

If this role could be a fit and you would like to know more, please send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we will revert shortly to schedule a short call to get to know each other. Or you can also connect with us at

The position is suitable for people with a health disability.