Sales Representative - SaaS Product

Job description

Become a part of a game-changing IT security company with a startup mentality. We created a new generation of security SaaS solution and need some-one for our team who is going to wake up in the morning with the one question in the mind – How we can grow the product better? How we can find the right customers for this great product? What is the best Use case that fits our target audience? What are features that can help our customers to become even more successful with our SaaS solution? If you are the kind of person that likes challenges and is eager to grow, you are the right one for this role.

Safetica is one of the very few software companies in the world able to protect clients from internal data loss. Here you matter. This unique position gives you the opportunity to bring new SaaS Internal Threat Protection to the global market. Work directly with our CEO Richard Brulík. Change the world of data protection and help customers from all around the world to keep all their data safe.

Safetica marketing vision 2021 from Safetica

Your mission:

  • Help realize the vision of the new Safetica's SaaS product through proactive & agile growth practices.
  • Work with different departments to identify growth opportunities throughout the entire company. Come up with different ways to identified new customers for our SaaS solution and how to seize these opportunities.
  • Deliver across the entirety of the product lifecycle - including Product Management, Marketing & Sales.
  • You must also have a growth hacking mindset to succeed in this role.
  • Stay up-to-date on the many ways our customers use Safetica to get their jobs done.

Why will you be happy at Safetica?

  • Our team is agile. You can set up your own rules, we are not corporate.
  • Your decisions will impact the whole company.
  • Friendly and informal workspace, where your ideas will be heard.
  • You can travel the world while visiting our partners.
  • Gaining experience with international business and meeting new people.
  • We have loads of benefits: flexible working hours, work from home, team buildings, or attendance at conferences.

More information

  • Do you know how it all started? Read Safetica’s story!
  • We are looking for someone who wants to work full time.
  • Offices: Brno or Prague
  • Interested? Send us your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Do you require any further info before you send us a CV? Contact our HR at 739 255 387 or email

Job requirements

What are your skills?

  • Previous experience in Sales, Marketing, or Product Management, with a strong focus on customer and Product value.
  • Strong working knowledge of the cloud ecosystem and technology.
  • Previous experience building modern B2B SaaS software is a strong advantage.
  • Understanding and experience building cloud products and services, with motivation to 'remove the pain' for customers.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Excellent knowledge of English.
  • Computer Science or technical degree strongly preferred.
  • Workplace - preferable Brno to be close to our internal team - development, sales, marketing. But Remote work is also possible if preferred.